"A little rough, a little harsh, inappropriate, you know the word is abusive, that's conducive to what went down," Jason opens on his new single, 'The Haircutter's Wife'.

"The song is a tale about abusive behavior, the submission to it, the sanitizing of it, and the sanctioning of it by looking the other way via massive denial and deflection for a variety of reasons, none of them redeeming.

"It's a serious topic. Anyone who uses their position of power to be abusive to others is a loser. And anyone in a position of power who bears witness to said abuse, but chooses to look the other way, is perhaps an even bigger loser.

"With that said, now all those serious thoughts and lyrics are swimming with melody and a rhythmic romp of a beat. For all its seriousness, it's a fun song and as an artist, I love that dichotomy, and I can't wait to share it!"

- Jason Shand

'The Haircutter's Wife' comes out on May 7th.


Photo by Ben Ferrari

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