"The air is fresh up here I'll say, I can do anything, it's a view on a clear day," Jason Shand sings on 'X-Factor', one of his songs from his just-released debut full-length CD Because of Zeeva. Those lines carry a lot of weight for the singer-songwriter who had spent the better part of a decade underground finding his own individual style and sound.

Having fronted an alternative rock band in Boston leading to a short-lived record deal with British indy label Freestyle Recordings (a BMG subsidiary), Jason made a conscious decision to leave the band and Boston to pursue a solo career in his hometown of NYC. This pursuit and the finding of his sonic palate has been a long road traveled, but well worth it with the release of Zeeva.

Jason's art rock sound is a unique brand of progressive/adult contemporary pop: a musical concoction that draws from the 80s, 90s, the present, and beyond.

"Because of Zeeva is an art rock album, and it is everything that I wanted it to be. I dip into rock, dance, techno, folk, alternative - I show all my influences and it all fits together - I am ecstatic! My goal, when making this album, was to maintain artistic integrity yet at the same time, be commercially viable. It's a tight rope to walk and I think I achieved it."
-Jason Shand

'Crumble' is one of the lead singles off of the just-released Because of Zeeva. The 'Crumble' video puts under the microscope the singer's love/hate relationship with his hometown and specifically zeroes in on NYC's subway culture.

Jason's many influences include Peter Gabriel, Dido, Seal, Annie Lennox, Coldplay, Crowded House, Radiohead, NLX, and U2.

Stay tuned...


Photo by Ben Ferrari

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